EHINZ's water quality monitoring is divided across two domains: 'Recreational water' and 'Drinking water'.

Drinking water – Te kounga o te waimāori:

The drinking water domain provides information about drinking-water quality and how it affects our health. The domain covers the accessibility of water that is safe to drink or has been fluoridated, waterborne diseases that may be contracted from drinking contaminated water, and rates of tooth decay in connection with fluoridated water supplies.

Topics include:


Recreational water – Wairēhia:

'Recreational water' refers to rivers, lakes and coastal waters that are used for recreational purposes. The domain covers waterborne diseases that can be contracted from contaminated water, concentrations of bacteria that can be harmful to human health and on environmental pressures that can lead to degradation of recreational water quality.

Topics include:

 Domain lead: Patrick Hipgrave