Our work

Environmental Health Intelligence New Zealand (EHINZ), Massey University, Wellington, monitors and provides intelligence on the effect of the environment on human and animal health.

EHINZ is funded primarily by the New Zealand Ministry of Health

Our work has two core elements

  • We conduct research into the effect of environment factors on the health of the animal and human populations.
  • We provide a consultancy service, providing data and analytical services, and dissemination of fit-for-purpose information products.

Our surveillance systems for environmental health

We have five surveillance systems for monitoring environmental health in New Zealand, which are integrated and concept-driven:


We make information and data accessible 

On this website, you can find regular updates on the project, as well as relevant data, information, publications and links.

Where possible, we make all information and data available to you:

  • on this website, in a variety of maps and graphs
  • in our factsheets 
  • on the interactive dashboards
  • on our mapping website Healthspace

To find out more about what we do, and how we can help you, contact us.

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