272 notifications of five mosquito-borne diseases were recorded in New Zealand in 2019

Here are some of the key facts from our latest factsheet on "Mosquito-borne diseases in New Zealand".

  • In 2019, five different mosquito-borne diseases totalling 272 notifications were recorded in New Zealand, roughly 5 times greater than a low seen in 2005, 43 notifications.
  • Dengue fever remained the most common mosquito-borne disease in 2019 with 222 cases (83% of total cases).
  • In 2018–19, the Pacific was most frequently visited by individuals returning with Dengue fever. Those with Malaria had returned from either Africa, Asia or the Pacific.
  • In 2019, mosquito-borne disease rates in Pacific peoples dropped to the lowest rate in 8 years.
  • In 2019, rates of mosquito-borne disease were lower in more deprived quintiles, this trend is the reverse of those seen in previous years.
  • In 2017–19, the mosquito-borne disease rates in Auckland and Counties Manukau district health boards were almost double the national rate.

This factsheet only includes mosquito-borne diseases as other vector-borne diseases are not viewed as high risk to New Zealand at this time. For more information on this topic, please view Mosquito-borne diseases in New Zealand factsheet.