Air quality

This section provides data and statistics about air quality and health in New Zealand. Find out about sources of air pollution, levels of air pollution, and human health effects.


About air quality and health

Information about air quality and how it can affect health.

Indicators at a glance - Air quality

Summary of the latest indicators for air quality and health: wood and coal fires, motor vehicles, air pollution levels, and health effects.

Sources of air pollution


Wood and coal fires

Statistics on the numbers of households using wood and coal fires for home heating in New Zealand.


Motor vehicles

Statistics on motor vehicle numbers and average ages of vehicles in New Zealand.

Air pollution levels


Particulate matter

Monitoring data on particulate matter (PM10) levels in New Zealand.

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Other air pollutants

Monitoring data for nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide, at selected New Zealand sites.

Human health effects

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Health effects of air pollution

Summary of the health effects of air pollution in New Zealand, including burden of disease estimates.